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Business Cards & Letterhead

We may be living in a digital age, but business cards and branded letterhead are still essential.


Yes, much of your contact with customers might be done digitally these days, but business cards and letterhead still play an important role in your interactions.


Here’s why…

Customers value genuine connections

Digital interaction is impersonal. Sending your contact info to a new connection digitally doesn’t create quite the same lasting impression as handing them a business card in person.


Relationships begin with personal contact, a handshake, and the exchanging of something tangible — your business card.


Furthermore, a personal letter written on your company letterhead stands out and makes a more substantial and memorable connection than just another email.

Opportunities can appear anytime, anywhere

Opportunities often present themselves when you least expect them.


You never know when, or where, you’ll run into a potential lead or contact — at a restaurant, the airport, industry conference or trade show, or simply walking down the street.


When that opportunity shows up, be prepared with an impressive business card that showcases your brand and exemplifies what your business is all about.

Helps you create a great first impression

When meeting a new prospect for the first time, your objective is to create a positive and lasting first impression that will help carry the relationship forward.


That prospect will remember you by two things: (1) how you presented yourself as a person, and (2) how you present your company through follow-up materials. Those materials are often a business card and a follow-up letter sent on your company letterhead.


If you make a good first impression in both aspects, you’re off to a great start in turning them into a satisfied paying customer!

Reinforces your brand image

Your brand is continuously being reinforced (or harmed) by every interaction and experience your prospects and customers have with your company.


Any chance you get to present people with a positive impression of your business is an opportunity worth taking advantage of.


Your business card and letterhead are such opportunities. A well-designed business card and letterhead put your best company image forward and place it in the hands of your prospects and customers.


It’s a great way to reinforce people feeling good about your company — building trust and strengthening loyalty.


If you are establishing a new business, getting business cards and letterhead designed, printed, and distributed provides you with a great way to start spreading the word about your new business and building up interest.


If you’re an established business and already have business cards and letterhead, take a look to see if they are properly representing your business.


Do they showcase your brand and exemplify what your business is all about? If not, it might be time to update them.


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