Importance of Contractor Web Design

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Importance of Contractor Web Design

Two decades into the Information Age, there are still some contractors who don’t have their own websites. Plenty of people are still under the impression that they’re going to get the lead generation that they need through the methods that have existed for decades longer. Naturally, contractors like this are certainly not going to branch out and try other methods of Internet marketing, such as social media marketing. They’re doing themselves and their clients a tremendous disservice in the process.


The Death of Old Media


Plenty of contractors are still placing ads in the phone book, hoping that they’re going to get some leads that way. It is true that people do use the online Yellow Pages database for the sake of looking up different phone numbers. Getting a listing there really can make a huge difference. The physical copies of Yellow Pages phone directories are still being manufactured in some areas. Some older potential clients are still going to use them. However, in both cases, people aren’t going to get the leads that they did back in the days where the Yellow Pages more or less took on a lot of the functions of the modern Internet.


Many people aren’t going to go to the Yellow Pages database in order to do anything other than conduct searches for phone numbers that they already have, and they will have gotten those phone numbers from elsewhere. When people are interested in finding a contractor, they’re usually going to just bypass the Yellow Pages directory altogether. They will simply use a search engine in order to find a local and effective contractor. Contractors need to make sure that their own web presences show up at that point.


Some people might go to the Yellow Pages database. Some people might even drag out a dusty old copy of a phone book in order to find the listing for a contractor. However, these groups are shrinking all the time, and they’re not going to be anyone’s viable demographic in a world where search engines have replaced phone books nearly entirely.


Some contractors are still taking out newspaper ads. However, they should know that print newspapers are fading away nearly as quickly as print phone books. Lots of people don’t even get their newspapers hand-delivered any more. Some people just get the occasional newspaper at the newsstand, if that. Most people are just reading the newspaper articles that they would have read otherwise online, glorying in the fact that they can get the exact same content without any of the news print ink.


It is possible to get ads with these online newspapers. However, these sorts of ad slots are highly coveted, given the extremely high traffic that people are going to be able to get at the sort of online newspapers that have managed to supplant the print newspapers that have lasted for decades or longer. In fact, given the rise of the ad blocker and the fact that so many people are no longer responding to web advertisements, it is becoming that much more common to skip web advertisements altogether. More and more people aren’t going to be able to advertise with any newspaper, including an online newspaper.


The people who do still read print newspapers may do so for a number of reasons. Some of them might be older and set in their ways. Some of them might be traditionalists who prefer old media to new media choices. Some of them might just be slow to change for whatever reason. In any case, these are not going to be the best of potential clients for a given contractor.


There has always been a stigma associated with contractors that advertised on television very early in the morning. Taking out a newspaper ad for a print newspaper is starting to fall into the exact same category. Really, respectable contractors have rarely had to rely on ads like this compared to many of the lower-tier contractors. Today, the contractors that advertise in newspapers will signal that they’re struggling even more than the newspapers.


The contractors who are still using door knob hangers and post cards are probably spending more money on printing those materials than they’re going to get from the business. Many people just throw those away altogether or lament the use of natural resources. People rarely hold onto items like this in a world in which people can find everything that they need online. The sheer labor involved with hand-delivering all of those door knob hangers is starting to become a needless expense.


Internet Businesses Today


Contractors are going to need their own websites. There is really no way of getting around that need. Contractors have needed their own well-designed websites for around fifteen years now, at least. Those that try to cling to the old methods are going to go the way of the old methods. All modern businesses are Internet businesses. Websites are tools for branding a given company, and contractors are in desperate need of branding in a day and age with so much competition. Even the contractors who by leads online aren’t going to be able to compensate for insufficient web design or Internet marketing, especially in a society where buying leads is becoming stigmatized.


These days, no one gets credit for having contractor websites. People are going to need good contractor web design. Customers respond very strongly to good web design, which is going to be as important as having a nicely-decorated office in this day and age. Contractors are going to need to impress people with the quality of their web design right away, and they’re going to need to show potential clients that they know their business. Part of knowing the business these days involves knowing how to advertise successfully online.


It’s important for all contractors to remember that this situation is ultimately going to work out better for them in some ways. There is a stigma against being a contractor that has to advertise on television or in the newspaper. There is no stigma against having a contractor website that has excellent SEO content that draws in visitors, or a solid Twitter or Facebook presence that allows them to interact more directly with a lot of their potential clients.


The rules of advertising have changed. Everyone advertises their services through the use of a website these days. Contractor websites are universal in the legal world today. Contractor web design is its own niche, and firms can hire web designers who specialize in that sort of thing today. Contractors need to embrace the new methods, since many contractors, especially personal injury contractors, are going to get more clients if they know how to make the new methods work for them.

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