Helping The Community

Human RightsAll of Nashville and the surrounding cities are very important to us. We don’t just help local businesses with their new websites, but we also care about the place that we live and work in. That’s why we’re the Nashville web design company that’s making our city a better place by donating to some of our favorite non-profit groups who are making a difference. We’re helping the community!


When you build your website with us, we will donate 20% of our profits to one of the local groups below that are working diligently to create a safer, saner and better Nashville. Just pick a group that you’d like to support the most and fill out the form below. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote.


The Nashville community could use a little more help. There are plenty of people willing to put in the man hours, but just need a little financial support. Let’s make Nashville a better place!


Human RightsDid you know that you have 30 human rights? Most people don’t know this, but the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established in 1948 by the United Nations with 30 human rights listed. It’s unfortunate that you’re not very likely to find someone who can name even half of them. Even more so, it’s abhorrent to think that these human rights are being violated regularly throughout Nashville. Believe it or not, one of these biggest human rights violations is slavery.


We have 3 different organizations that we support that are local to Nashville and help preserve the rights of all people in this beautiful city. It’s important that the younger generations of Nashville and all of Tennessee find out about their human rights now so that violations will cease to occur in the future.

Anti Drug NashvilleDrugs are a problem in all of society and have been one of the biggest contributors to the decline of Nashville. Today it’s difficult to find a person who hasn’t taken a drug at some point in their life, and the problem gets worse as drug-related crimes increase and as drugs make their way into our schools and get into the hands of our children.


Our Nashville web design team helps sponsor some of the most effective anti-drug campaigns in the country! The groups we work with are right here in Nashville and are ready to bring drug education to the streets and even in our schools.

Criminal Reform NashvilleAccording to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 3 out of 4 people released from prison were again arrested within 5 years of their release. This tells us that the prison system we have today is not the system we need to help criminals become decent members of society again. Unfortunately, a criminal who goes to prison is likely to be a criminal when released from prison.


We support local criminal reform groups who will go into prisons and educate inmates on basic concepts of morals and ethics. The groups are among the most effective in the country when it comes to helping those who have done wrong by their families, friends and communities, and turning their lives around to becoming active, moral and helpful people.

Fill out the form below and make sure to choose the non-profit group that you’d like to support!